What is V.I.S.I.O.N?

V.I.S.I.O.N. is Blind Sports SA’s Vision Impaired Sports Inclusivity Opportunities Networking program.

This interactive program aims to educate and increase community awareness of the skills and abilities of blind or vision impaired people, how sports can be modified to include participants with a disability and the inclusion sporting opportunities available. The program is suitable for all ages including school students, teachers, parents, universities, OHSC or for community groups such as scouts and girl guides, sporting organisations, clubs and corporate entities.

During the sessions, we discuss briefly how sports are modified for the blind or vision impaired before undertaking a fun practical session, using vision loss simulation glasses and blindfolds.

Session times are flexible and the program can be modified to accommodate your needs and can include different sports and activities applicable to the age of participants. The program can be delivered to cover a 40minute class, multiple classes on a single day or a number of sports over multiple days. Sessions can also be run for corporate “Team Building” which are always enjoyed by all who participate. All equipment is provided and for an additional charge we can also organise Paralympian, State or National representatives to attend the session.
Read: Sports and activities can include:

Sports and activities can include:

  • Goalball
  • Blind Cricket
  • Athletic Activities, e.g. running, throws
  • Blind Soccer
  • Blind Tennis
  • Blindfolded games & activities
  • Tandem Cycling (limited group numbers & additional costs may be applicable due to availability and transport of bikes)
  • Corporate team building activities
The key outcome of this program is to provide education and awareness on the benefits of inclusion to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be active and participate in sports.

Blind or vision impaired students in particular can be excluded from sporting activities within schools and clubs due to a lack of awareness of options for modification of the games and inclusion of these students. By encouraging participation in different sports using simulation glasses and blindfolds, participants’ awareness is improved and participants gain a better understanding of how sports can be adapted to include everyone.

Read: Daily Fees

Daily Fees

First Hour (or part thereof): $165

Additional Hour: $110

(GST is not applicable)

Please note additional fees may be applicable for country bookings, tandem cycling sessions, attendance by Paralympians, State or National representatives & Corporate Team Building sessions.

Bookings & Further information

Contact Kent Dredge on 0402 564 991 or kent.dredge@blindsportssa.org.au

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