Blind Cricket South Australia

Blind Cricket South Australia is the peak body for Blind Cricket in SA. BCSA provides all levels of cricket for anyone who is Blind or Vision Impaired. BCSA offers three different programs, Juniors aged 5-16, Women’s aged 13+ and a mixed Senior team.

The Game

Blind Cricket is played in essentially the same way as the conventional game of Cricket with the major exceptions being:

  • Audible ball – the ball rattles/rings when moving (note: ball is of similar size and weight to a conventional cricket ball)
  • All bowling is underarm and the ball must bounce at least twice before reaching the batter.
  • Sides consist of players in various sight categories.
  • Before delivering the ball B1 (totally blind) players receive a direction call from the wicketkeeper to find the correct line to bowl. B1 players must bowl a minimum of 40 per cent of the overs in an innings
  • B1 and some B2 players have a runner when batting
  • B1 batsman are credited with two runs for every run scored off the bat

The above information has been adapted from information available on the Blind Cricket Australia website.

You can find out more at

South Australian Blind Cricket Club Inc.
Read: Blind Cricket South Australia

Blind Cricket South Australia

Formed in 1958, Blind Cricket South Australia (BCSA) has a proud history of fostering the game of blind cricket.

The club’s season begins in October and concludes at the end of March, with programs running for both junior and adult players.

The junior program consists of training sessions, usually held late Sunday morning prior to the senior’s game. The program aims to foster core cricket skills, as well as developing teamwork and communication that will serve juniors both on and off the field.

Seniors train weekly on Wednesday evenings, with games played weekly on Sunday afternoons. Training is held in the Adelaide parklands at grounds maintained either by Adelaide University or the South Australian Cricket association (SACA). Games are usually held at these same grounds, however may also take place at other locations.


If you would like to know more, become involved, or support the club, please contact:

David Penn, President
Phone: 0439 490 010
Lachlan Wallace, Captain/secretary
Phone: 0479 109 781

Alternatively, you can follow or contact Blind Cricket South Australia via Facebook.


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